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Dust Collector Pulse Valve
Dust Collector Pulse Valve

Dust Collector Pulse Valve


Electromagnetic pulse valve, also called diaphragm valve acts as a “switch” for compressed air in the dust clean blowing system for pulse bag filters. It is controlled by the electric signals from the pulse-jet control device. This system cleans the filter bags cluster by cluster with high-pressure blowing to keep the pressure resistance of the baghouse within a pre-set range, and thus ensure the processing capability and the dust-collecting efficiency of the baghouse.

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Reference: C9516


C9516 Sms Tork PULSE VALVE CONTROL BOX 16 relay

Filter cleaning timer; It is a micro-processor based control  instrument used in jet blast filters. • These filters are generally used in glass, cement, painting,  fertilizer and feed industries. • Prevents the dust from spreading to the environment. • Used to clean dust filter bags.

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