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C9516 Sms Tork PULSE VALVE CONTROL BOX 16 relay


16 relay output, 220Vac


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Pulse valves are made on and off at certain intervals with a multi-output time relay and shake off the dust accumulated on the bag filter. Filters are tried to be kept more permeable. By using a differential pressure switch, filter permeability is measured with a "differential pressure transmitter" and if the differential pressure value increases, compressed air is sent to the filters from the timer-controlled pulse valves for cleaning. Filters are cleaned by shaking method.

Half Period : 0.1 Sec..10 Sec.

Stroke Period : 0.1 Sec...999.9 Sec.

Holding Period : 0.1 Sec...999.9 Sec.

C95, 220V AC

95.08 220V AC 8 relay output

C95.16 220V AC 16 relay output

C95.24 220V AC 24 relay output

C95.32 220V AC 32 relay output

C95. 24 V DC

C95.08 24V DC 8 relay output

C95.16 24V DC 16 relay output

C95.24 24V DC 24 relay output

C95.32 24V DC 32 relay output

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