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GA21 Gas Alarm Device Plastic Body Ex-Proof


230 VAC 50/60 Hz Body PVC


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Gas alarm device is a gadget detecting the explosive gasses in environment.Ingredients of the detected gases can be one of these gasses; methane (CH4),propane(C3H8) and butane (C4H10) or mixture of these gasses. Natural gas is methane gas. LPG is made of butane gas,propane gas or mixture of these two gasses. When the gas alarm device is supplied with 230V AC 50/60Hz voltage, green LED lights.

After 1.5 minutes calibrating time (sensor's heating time), device gets active.Before calibrating time is up, don't use any testing gas. After calibrating time , if there is any gas leakage over the limits, the sensor detects the gas in 10 seconds at the latest and gives visual and audible alarm. As long as the gas leakage is upper levels, device goes on to giving alarm. When the leakage level is lower than alarm level, device change to normal condition instinctively , gets ready to detect. If there is no electricity, device does not work. If closing the gas valve or aspirating the gas is wanted when the alarm condition, the output relay of the gas alarm device can be used for it. From the output 230V AC voltage and current lower form 7A can be supplied.

This products consists 3 ( three ) parts.
1. Main bodySensor is connected to this body with a cable. Visual and audible alarm is in it. This
body is not ex proof and must not be used in explosive area
2.CableCable connects the sensor to the body with a connector. On request it can be produced in
diffrent lengths .It's not exproof in standart production but on request it can be ex proof.
3.Gas sensors with ex proof housing Sensor is covered with an ex proof housing . This part must be mounted in explosive area.

Basic Informations

Gas leakage sensor with ex proof housing, is designed for alerting if there is any leakage of LPG or natural gas on potentially explosive areas like an industrial kitchen or on a boiler room. It's a continuous working and installed on constant place device . Because of its relay output other devices like solenoid valve,aspirator, siren etc. can be controlled.

The minimum concentration of a particular combustible gas or vapor necessary to support its combustion in air is defined as the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) for that gas. LEL value of natural gas is %5 and LPG's LEL value is %2. Before LEL values not reaching these levels one fifth, gas alarm device detects the leakage and gives alarm.

. Alarm level for natural gas is %0.5 or 5000ppm (parts per million).
. Alarm level for LPG is %0.3 or 3000ppm (parts per million)

Operating Areas

Gas leakage sensor with ex proof housing can be used in kitchens,stokhold and explosive areas like athese.

Detecting Gasses : Natural Gas (methane), LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)
Sensor Type : Semiconductor (5V±0,1)
Main Body Material : Aluminum
Calibration Time : 1,5 minutes
Reaction Time : <10 seconds
Audible Warnings : Piezoelectric Buzzer
Volume : 85dB
Operating Voltage : 12V DC
Output Signal(Relay Contact : 5A 30VDC NO
Power Consumption : 3W
Operating Area : Industrial Kitchens, Boiler rooms, Gasoline stations etc…
Sensor Protection Class : II G Ex d IIB T6 IP65
Operating Temparature : -10°C….+50°C
Relative Humidity : 0-95%
Estimated Device Life : 5 years
Referans Standarts : TS EN 50194-1, TS EN 60079-0, TS EN 60079-18

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